Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sound of Winter

We got a little snow this weekend in Eastern Nebraska....over 11 inches in 24 hours! It was beautiful and much needed after our 70 degree weather we had last week (I'm not complaining, but a girl needs seasons!).
I was ready for the sights and sounds of winter to come back, including:
Laughter as we built a snowman....
Barking as Penny caught snowballs...
 The hum of my sewing machine as I continued to work on my cousins t-shirt quilt...

I have enjoyed warm cups of coffee, playing Kinect on the Xbox with my husband, and sewing as I look out at the beautiful white snow on this wintery weekend.
 I finished the dance side of her quilt last weekend. The "white" squares are either white t-shirt squares or a rectangle of bumblebee fabric randomly placed inside the 13 inch square of white "buzz" fabric. For the cheerleader side I am doing scrappy patchwork squares in the alternate squares from the t-shirts. I have 6 pieced squares finished, 6 more to go.

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