Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon

For a nearly a year, I have been a quilter. I don't know what gave me the urge to try it, but it started with a quilt I made for my friends' first baby.
I found a local fabric shop on Facebook and went to check it out. Like most beginning quilters I was overwhelmed by the beautiful fabrics! But I dug through bolts upon bolts and found the perfect fabrics to use. Then I went to work cutting (without a rotary cutter, or cutting mat.) I laid the squares out on my living room floor, organized and sewed them up with my mom's old sewing machine. It turned out great! Simple, easy and perfect colors for the mom and dad to be, named "Little-Rock Warmer" after their nickname for their baby to be.
In the process of making my first quilt I discovered some great quilting blogs. These blogs helped me to understand just what a fat quarter was, and the tools that I needed (badly.) Since then I have a new sewing machine (thanks to my wonderful husband!), learned how to free motion quilt and have began to build a small stash of fabrics. I have made eleven quilts, several table runners and have discovered a new passion!
And now I have decided to jump on the quilter's blog bandwagon as well. I hope to meet other quilters out there and to share ideas. I would love advice, as I am still very new to this and I would love to join a quilting bee as well! This will be my space to share what I have created, and the random thoughts that come to my mind. So hello!