Friday, January 3, 2014


A VERY long time ago I made this quilt top. In fact this was the first thing I ever sewed...and I was overwhelmed by the task of quilting it so I set it aside.

My intention for this quilt was to make a queen sized bed quilt for our master bedroom. I fell in love with Wonderland by MoMo and snagged a jelly roll and charm pack and got to work. I saw this log cabin configuration on the internet and thought, 'I could do that.' I set to work with a rotary cuter I bought....and a small cutting board....and no straight edge or ruler. I pieced my jaggedly cut fabric together on a very old sewing machine, one with HORRIBLE tension, and then I arranged the blocks into this configuration.

Being new to sewing I thought my jelly roll and charm pack would be enough for a queen size quilt...oh how naive I was! So another trip to my local quilt shop and I purchased additional yardage of MoMo's Pepper Chai to make a boarder around the log cabin, as well as some yardage for the back of the quilt. I was smart enough at that time to ask for help in getting the yardage I would need, and asked for a layout of how to cut it. :) I'm sure Roxanne got a good laugh when I left. Especially when she saw the stitching and piecing!

Well once I finally got the whole quilt top finished I laid it on our bed and HATED it! So it got folded and put in a closet for a later day. That day has come and I have been busy cutting apart (the stitches were way too tight to get a seam ripper in there!) the blocks.

With our basement finished and our bedroom downstairs now I had this quilt top in mind for our new room. Of course the piecing is horrible, and it is WAY too busy, so I have been dissecting and rearranging my pieces. The new quilt is going to be perfect. I found another charm pack awhile back and snagged it up before it was too late.

Now I'm in the process of making 462 five inch squares for this new quilt. I'm excited to have some blocks up on my design wall, but I know it is going to take some a LONG time. Unfortunately my husband isn't a fan of the fabric line...but once I finish the new quilt top and tone down the 'busy'ness (or as he calls it the 'Grandma' fabrics) I think he will learn to love it too.