Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tension Headache!!

As I quilt my Ghastiles Quilt, I think I have spent more time with my seam ripper than doing the actual quilting. Any clue why my machine keeps doing this to me? Ugh!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Positively Ghastly!

My blog title today is intended for many different reasons...
#1 has been a ridiculously long amount of time since I have blogged! I am so sorry to all of you, I know you have been on the edge of your seats to see what is going on in my crafty little corner of the world. :)
#2 ...I am finishing up my final semester for my undergrad degree...and meeting with advisers on which route to take for my Master's degree. Why am I doing this? I think I am a little bit mad, wanting to put myself through even more school after this has taken me nearly 10 years to finish. I am weighing my options: Early Childhood Special Education, Counseling/School Psychology or maybe Cognition, Learning, and Development. This last one is most interesting to me. Recently in my preschool classroom I have had a few students that have expressed some sad feelings, unhappiness, stress etc. I would love to get an understanding of education and child psychology...someday work with families to help troubled children/naughty behaviors. Let's face it the "naughty kids" are the most rewarding to work with. Ghastlies Quilt is FINALLY being quilted. It WILL be done and on my couch by October 1st!
I am experimenting with my straight line quilting. Here I used a walking foot, which I do not have the patience for. Plus it is too hard to turn with this bulky quilt.
So I have tried free motion straight line quilting. Here is the first square I did. These are not "straight" lines. I think this block of quilting will have a date with my seam ripper soon.
I did a bit better on this block, the sideways lines are the hardest to keep straight and an even distance apart. I think I like this method of free motion straight line quilting is better. It is much faster, and a little wonky, like my blocks on the quilt.
I can't wait to finish this guy up. The back of my quilt is great, I love it and really want to show you how awesome it is. It took some careful calculations to work with what little fabric I had on hand, and a lot of help from my very smart husband. Stay tuned. I promise I will report back soon. :)