Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Fabric

It was my birthday this week, not a bad birthday either, considering a few of my preschoolers made a few "bad choices" and my three week summer class has started (so I will be a little M.I.A. until after Memorial Day.)
I was spoiled rotten by my wonderful husband (as usual) with some fabric as well as season 3 of True Blood (I just love this show, not sure why.) He also took me out to dinner at a local Indian restaurant, although he was a little reserved. He did state halfway through our dinner, "OK, I guess I like curry." Which means he will eat with me there again. :)

As I said, I got some fabric,Christmas fabric to be exact. These two pieces are from the Holiday Hoot line from Alexander Henry:
There was some miscommunication between Lee and his parents, and they both got me a 1/2 yard of each, so I have twice the fabric I planned on. I am pretty excited though because I love owls, and it sure is cute! I plan to work on this quilt, after my Halloween quilt, sometime this summer.

I also bought myself a little birthday gift, another vintage star wars sheet from ebay to make another star wars quilt. I am going to fussy cut this guy and do some sort of scrappy block with the images for my new star wars quilt. I am quite the nerd. :)
So there is my birthday loot. I am one happy girl, now if only these papers for my Multicultural Ed. class would write themselves....

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