Saturday, August 13, 2011

Missing the Rockies

It has cooled off significantly since my post about the dog days of summer. It almost feels like our trip to Colorado a few weeks ago....the only thing missing is the mountains. We had a blast on our vacation. We got to stay with/see some wonderful friends who we miss so much. Obviously from this photo you can see it was great to laugh with old friends, and we had quite a feast that night!
Lee got to meet our friends new baby as well. He was busy when they came to visit a few months ago and he didn't get the chance to cuddle with handsome Patrick. Needless to say, it sparked baby fever in both of us. Even Penny caught a little baby fever.
She did great around the baby, and our other friends' toddler A.J. as well. We will have no fears with her when we have kids of our own, although I do expect some jealousy. :)
We stayed with our friends for a few nights before heading into the mountains to camp. While with them we all went on a nice little hike, minus our friend Mandy who drove to pick up her mom and niece for a weekend visit. It was a nice trail, although the higher altitude tried to hold us back.
Then we all went white water rafting down Cache La Poudre river, sans Megan our pregnant friend and the little ones. It was great, it was the first time for a few of us, fourth time for me. We went with a rafting company located in Fort Collins, and I highly recommend them for first timers. I'm the one on the left in front of the guide, Lee would be the one in the front, covered up to his neck by a rapid. :)
After our rafting trip and a yummy lunch, we said our goodbyes and headed to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It was BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL in the park, so peaceful we had no cell phone reception.
Lee, Penny and I enjoy several hikes in the park, and had some friends join us for a campfire dinner one evening as well.

It was hard to pack up, and even more difficult driving away from the mountain views into Nebraska. Although, I did get Lee to agree (much to the dismay of friends and family in Lincoln/Omaha), that once we are both done with school, we will look for jobs in Colorado. :) Maybe we could re-vamp this little cottage we saw at the end of one of our hikes:
I can't imagine getting to go hiking in the mountains every weekend and viewing the mountains from my home everyday, this would be my heaven....sigh.

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