Monday, August 15, 2011

Way Too Critical

Why are we so critical of ourselves? I am a perfectionist, I have been since I was a child. I can remember in art class in elementary school that I would get so frustrated when my art did not look like my VERY talented peers' art. I would try my best, but it never was good enough for me. Yes they were more talented, but my art was good too. Now I feel that I am the same with my quilts. There is always something (at least one thing) wrong with my quilts. This block didn't line up right, the stitches were uneven in my quilting, the fabric is fraying on this appliqued circle..... but really, for the person receiving these gifts, they are perfect.

While browsing on Flickr today, I came across this amazing quilt by Geta at Geta's Quilting Studio. Geta is not happy with the way her quilting lines came out on the quilt, due to the batting she used. When I think of the time it took to plan this quilt, cut the fabric, piece it so that points all matched up and then quilt it....I am speechless. To me, this quilt is perfect. I am sure her sister who will be receiving this quilt will agree. I think the quilting is great!

We are always so hard on ourselves, so quick to point out our flaws, whether it be in ourselves, our personalities, our name it. We are our own worst enemies! I think today, right now, everyone needs to stop and take a look at something they have made, something you worked hard on, and name all the great things you see in this. Then take a look at yourself and do the same. Maybe we can stop being so critical of ourselves, if we do this everyday. I am still learning, I know I have room for improvement, but when I stop and take a look at my first quilt, and then look at all the things I have made since then, I see progress.
And I see beauty in my first quilted quilt....even though the blocks don't line up and the stitching is uneven. (not to mention the patched hole from the dog) :)

Congratulations, Geta, on this piece of art!


Cristy said...

Candace-Welcome to the club of perfectionists! But seriously, you make AMAZING quilts! I love showing off the quilt you made for B and I always get compliments!

Candace: said...

Thanks Cristy! I am trying to love my imperfect quilts....usually some time away helps me to get over my mistakes.