Saturday, September 17, 2011

Halfway There

I haven't had much time for quilting this last week. Work and school have taken up a ton of time, not to mention I have been doing a great job of going to the gym lately too. :) I discovered that I love spinning classes, although they don't feel so great on the bum. If you enjoy bike riding, check one out at your local Y (or any other gym), it is a great challenge.

Here are the other 6 blocks for my Ghastlies quilt I have completed, just 10 more to go. I may be adding another square around some of these blocks, which will make my end quilt a bit bigger than originally planned, but I think it will add to the quilt nicely.
Still unsure if I will use grey or white for the sashing...

I had a question about where I got the black and white number fabric. I bought it at a local quilt shop, and I was just there today so I checked the bolt to find out the maker. It is from Makower UK fabrics. I did find a listing for it on etsy here, which is much cheaper than my quilt shop sells it for. 
Well it is back to writing a paper for my Addictions and Families class, it is a really fun class, but I would rather be quilting. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall, my favorite season! It is really gloomy in Lincoln today; I am sure the Washington players, here to take on the Huskers, are feeling right at home.

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