Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Did It . . .

...I made that first cut, and then several more. Over this past week I have made 4 blocks for my Ghastlies quilt, and 2 more that are almost finished. I love the quilts Anna over at Thimbleanna made with her Ghastlies fabric from Alexander Henry, so her quilts are the inspiration for mine. I am so excited about this quilt (can you tell), Halloween is my favorite holiday! Only (roughly) 14 blocks to go.

Here are the four blocks I have finished so far:
 I love the invisible dog he is walking!
 Not sure about how thick I made this bat fabric square around the house...oh well.
 Doesn't she look like one evil witch! (or substitute the w for a b)
This guy makes me think of Bill Compton from True Blood, 
maybe right when he was turned and was angry about being a vampire. :)

For my Ghastlies quilt, I wanted to get away from using bright "Halloween orange" and go for more of a dull burnt orange, with greys and black. I think I am going to use white, rather than grey, as the sashing fabric, to help with contrast to the muted colors. Not to mention the vignettes in the middle of the blocks are on grey fabric, well all but a few. I had to by some of the new "Ghastlie Night" that came out this year, so a few vignettes on the quilt will be from the new line which I ordered in natural.What do you all think....white or a light grey for the sashing? (for my friends that don't quilt, sashing is the fabric between the blocks that make  them appear to be floating.)

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Mary C said...

Love this! Waiting for my Ghastly fabtic to arrive.
Where did you find the number fabric?