Friday, June 20, 2014

Finish it up Friday

Here is a small finish I had this week. Mug Rugs for a co-workers "commitment ceremony."
She loved this small gift, stating "these are our colors!" I pulled the color pallet from a fat quarter I had of Mustard Cameras fabric from the 2wenty Thr3e line.
I embroidered 'His' and 'Hers' rather than 'Mr' and 'Mrs' because they were married in an informal commitment ceremony rather than a big extravagant wedding, and it is more their style.
Then I did two coordinating striped mug rugs for guests. 
For the back I used a grey dot fabric, scraps I had left over from sheets I made for the girls' cribs.

Our nursery is pretty custom, I hate to buy the stuff at the in my opinion the crib sets are a waste of money. All you can use is the crib skirt and sheet, plus we ended up purchasing two mini cribs rather then full size cribs so for us those are worthless because they would be WAY too big! I plan to post a blog about the nursery soon, just waiting on my dad to finish making us some book ledges. :)

For now I am in the process of getting our queen size bed quilt quilted. My job tomorrow is to baste it, which involves a 29-week-pregnant-with-twins woman to crawl around on the kitchen floor as I pin this monster of a quilt. Let's just say I am finally starting to get uncomfortable, I feel huge (two weeks ago I was measuring the same as a 37 week pregnant woman!). I have this quilt, then our girls' quilts to work on...9 weeks to go to get it all done!! :) Thank goodness I am working 6 hour shift days rather than 8 now, I can rest enough to get this stuff finished!

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