Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pieced Back Together

It has been a very LONG week in my house. Everything has seemed to be done in pieces as I try to find time to get it all done, cleaning, studying, writing, teaching, meetings, dinner with friends. I had very little time to be creative this week. After returning from class tonight I came home to this:

I thought since I didn't really have much to blog about I would share what I worked on over the weekend, which goes along with this photo. These are my husbands art pieces from his most recent class, luckily the class is over and he really didn't want to keep them. Now I wouldn't say my dog is naughty, although my parents and in-laws would most likely disagree. She doesn't tear things up often, unless you count my note cards and other paper left on our near the couch. :)
When Penny was adopted two years ago, she was 12 weeks old and kept in a large kennel in our office to keep her, and our furniture, safe. When she reached 2 years we decided to put the kennel away and give her free reign of the house, and she has done great....with a few exceptions.  She loves paper....and my quilts.
I love to drape a quilt over the couch, and occasionally they will slip and she will chew pieces out of the quilt...
So this weekend I decided to fix these quilts with a few patches.  I had to get a little creative, but I really like the way they turned out. I used Heat n' Bond iron on adhesive and scraps from my scrap bins. The adhesive worked well to keep the pieces in place as I lined the patches up on each side and it held them in place as I stitched them on with some fun stitches on the sewing machine that I never get to use.
For the Star Wars quilt, I had to sew 5 patches! For this one I used a piece of the sheet I had left over to match the fabric on this side, and the Star Wars logo on the other. It turned out really well and looks great on the pieced side as you can see from this photo I took with the culprit:
My first quilted quilt, the Frolic Quilt, wasn't really my favorite before, but I think the patch adds character to the quilt and I actually like it now! I was afraid that the iron on adhesive would make the patches really stiff, but they softened up pretty good in the wash and I expect them to soften up a bit more as they get used.
I am most upset about the one I made for my husband. It was my favorite quilt that we have kept and the patches just don't look great to me.
Oh well, I now have three patched and folded quilts...and have learned not to leave the quilts draped over the couch anymore. Honestly, Penny really is a good dog! We just have been so busy with work and classes lately, she gets lost in the mix. It sure is a good thing we don't have kids right now! Guess I should take her for a walk before getting some much needed rest, finally spring break is here!

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Leslie said...

The patches add character and look so cute! Good save.