Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strep Throat and Inspiration

As a preschool teacher, I have built up a pretty strong immunity to illnesses. After my first year of teaching I have rarely been sick, in fact, as my doctor informed me Monday, I haven't been to the doctor for an illness for 6 years. Enter, my friend strep throat.... So this past few days I have been resting, doing some studying and planning a few new quilts. (as if my workspace doesn't already have enough going on) I also went back to re-evaluate a quilt I have been planning on for my mom.

I have wanted to make my her a quilt ever since I started quilting last year and asked her for help. I have had every intention, last mother's day I tried to come up with a great pattern and fabric for her, but I couldn't. This past Christmas, again I tried and still nothing. The problem: I love modern quilts, colorful maybe a little wonky, full of spunk. My mom is very "country", loves antiques and the quilts in her home, although beautiful, are not my style: think Little House on the Prairie. I want to make her something she will love, but something with a bit of my personality in it as well.

Then I had an idea, she also loves The Wizard of Oz, and there are some fun fabrics out there, so I bought a bunch, but still had no idea what to do. I came up with a plan....but was not sure enough to actually cut the fabric.

Being sick I took some time to check out flickr for inspiration, and I found it! Here is the new inspiration quilt from Lucy & Norman. I love this: the wonky blocks are perfect and Megan even named this quilt "Wonky Yellow Brick Road Quilt." I think this would fit the fabric really well as well as the theme of the movie, the only problem is that nothing about this quilt is traditional like my mom usually goes for. Once I figure out my measurements I really just need to make the first cut and stick with it. Not to mention, I think binding the quilt in the gingham would look great, as well as using it on the backing with some red....
Any thoughts?

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