Friday, June 10, 2011

A "baby" baby quilt

Doesn't it seem like everyone is pregnant right now!? Four ladies at work are expecting, and one just returned back to work from maternity leave. I also have a good friend expecting her second as well.
One of these ladies is having her baby shower tomorrow. I was planning on making her a taggie blanket....instead I made her a play quilt for her soon to be little girl.
Here is "Play Squared":
This little quilt measures 30" square, small but perfect for an infants tummy time.

I am loving this quilt, and one of the biggest things I love is that it was made mainly with fabric from my own stash! The white blocks I cut from my white fabric on hand. and the borders for the squares I had left over from other projects, already cut to the perfect size. :)
I bought two fat quarters, hot pink and lime green, and used browns and other pinks and greens from my stash to go with the baby room theme the mommy has chosen.The squares are different sizes and fit randomly in the 6" blocks.
I added ribbon in three different colors and textures, as well as this brown minky square:
And this soft white bumpy square, for sensory exploration.
Along with the crinkly texture from the fabric, this is going to be a fun play quilt!
And for the back I used the rest of the fat quarters, and some white fabric....the binding is a fat quarter of brown I had on hand as well.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE this quilt. I am definitely going to make another...especially when I have my own little one. Just one more look at "Play Squared" for the road. :)

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Cristy said...

Adorable! And I definitely recognize those brown and green squares!