Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pillow Cover Inspiration

Penny has been not so quiet in expressing her wishes that we give her more attention the last few months. She is a well behaved dog (I swear)....but she is also very stubborn and smart. Our couch has seen much better days, we have had it for 6 years and it is not so comfy anymore, and she has added to it's comfort levels in the last month or so. So after the dog has ripped every cushion, we decided it was time for a new one (duck tape just doesn't look to comfy and inviting.) Last month we went and special ordered a new Laz-E Boy sectional and we were just informed today that it will be ready for pick up Tuesday. :)
I am so excited! It has reclining seats (great for when I am finally pregnant with our first baby and can't sleep in a bed), it is the perfect size for our living room, and it is chocolate brown....neutral and perfect for making quilted pillow covers to rotate at my hearts desire. :)
So I have been browsing flickr for inspiration for our new couch cushions.
Here are some pretty pillows made by some talented quilters that strike my fancy:
From a little sweetness. I have a charm pack of Little Pips that I want to use for this one.
This block is the July block for my bee there or bee squares quilting bee. I am going to try the block first with my own fabric before making Kim's block and cutting into her fabrics. I am nervous to try it but really excited. The tutorial is from twin fibers. I am so excited to make my new couch some new pillows, the old ones are so boring. Can I get 5 done by Tuesday?

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sewtakeahike said...

good luck with getting those pillows done, Candace! I had to laugh when I read your opening sentence about your dog. It seems so often that when I'm introduced to someone, they often say, "hmm, I've never met a Penny before, BUT, (my neighbor, best friend, cousin) had a dog named Penny when I was a child". Too funny!