Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Busy Week

It has been a very busy and long week at my house. This weekend my husband and I got some work done in the yard. I just wish the final frost would come so we could plant our garden, and that all the trees and plants would be pollinated so my allergies would stop.I had my final exam for my lab, Entomology. I have done surprisingly well in the class too. For the next month we will be collecting insects for our collections, I am pretty brave with insects (etc.) but the idea of catching, killing and then pinning these things...I really don't want to feel the resistance of a pin through their exoskeleton. I have a few more papers to write, two more exams and then a week break before my 3 week summer course. Here is the topic of my next paper:
The metamorphosis of a Tobacco Hornworm....aren't you jealous! My preschoolers are going to think I am an insect genius after this semester. :) I also found out if I try really hard to squeeze a few classes in, I can be finished with school December 2012.

As for quilting, I had a little time today to work on my mom's gift for Mother's Day. I cut the blocks for her "Road to Oz" quilt. I decided to cut them all to 4.5" x 7" and then trim a few to make them wonky starting from this size. I am sure that the "mortar" sashing is going to be a pain when I get to putting the rows together especially since it will be 1/2" finished, but it is going to look great with the wonky blocks. I cut a lot more of the yellow fabrics than any of the others to have more of a yellow brick road effect to the quilt.

I planned to work on piecing these blocks together a bit today but my dad came over to help move a light switch box in our basement and he brought my mom along. I had to fast hide all my blocks too. I did discover that my mom has been quilting and sewing again. In fact, I am the reason she got back into it, and she is actually asking me for advice! I really hope she likes this quilt and I'm excited to see what she has been working on.

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