Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camping Bound

We are home. We camped this weekend at a lake nearby Lincoln. It was a dry run for our trip later this month to my favorite state....Colorado. We took all the things we thought we would need for our week in CO, and then made a list during the weekend of the thing we forgot that we still needed to get. Surprisingly our list was small, little things like paper towels, a towel for the dog when she is wet/muddy, a meat strainer (I hate greasy hamburger.) It wasn't a bad weekend, although both Lee and I forgot why we enjoyed camping last night when the temps didn't get below 75 degrees. For those of you from Southeastern Nebraska, or for anyone that has visited in the summer, we have hot and HUMID summers. I personally prefer to camp in the spring and fall near home, or go somewhere cool in the summer. Somewhere without a heat advisory!

There are my two bound and finished quilts sitting in the sun (which fried my shoulders despite being in the shade the whole time) at our campsite. I'll have more photos once I get them washed and crinkly. I am looking forward to doing laundry today: it feels good to be back in the a/c!

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